The Bavoaloa Family

(Lord) Xeni Bavoaloa

Rightful Duke

Xeni is the last (but certainly not least) of the “Main Trio”.
He is actually the “Para” I’ve drawn the most over the yars as I always found his appearnce to be quite interesting.

Since he did not meet his family until he turned 24, he did not learn how to cook like the rest of them. Fortunately, he’s catching up. However his true passion lies in photography and videography.

(Lady) Xena Bavoaloa

Rightful dutchess
Xeni’s late twin sister, but she’s not really dead. She just doesn’t have a body. It really does suck.

(Lord) Roku Bavoaloa

Royal Family’s Chef (evenings)

(Lord) Telsa Bavoaloa

Royal family’s Chef (mornings).

(Former Duke) Yalba Bavoaloa

The Rightful former Duke of Bavoaloa

Xeni’s father

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