The Majestica Family

Prince Mataeo Majestica

The Prince

Mataeo is my main, my undeniable Mary Sue. If I were ever to actually actualise him as a character, I would have to do some serious work.
Long story short, he is a prince. Was kidnapped as a baby, forced to live a life in poverty full of every kind of abuse you can imagine. Became an inventor/programmer using scraps, nothing short of a mathematical genius. Only found his parents by pure luck because he decided to steal food from them out of desperation. Now he lives like royalty but he can’t just make the past go away.

This drawing is of Mattaeo looking very annoyed at an pompous antagonist character called “Wesley” who persuaded him to go out into the gardens to prank him at what’s nicknamed as the boys club. (think boarding school/summer camp for the male children of lords, ladies, dukes, dutcheses, kings and queens. Lots of spoilt young adults. Mattaeo really does not fit in well)

King Moka Majestica

The King

Born and bred royal. Good of heart, but a little unaware of what real life is really like. Fortunately, the Queen keeps him in check.
He has a passion for physics and mathematics, and owns government science labs and is the finances (and occasionally ideas) behind most of the kingdom’s technological advances.

Queen Aria Delani

The Queen

Before she met Moka, she lived a humble life with her adopted parents. Helping out her parents with the farm, she studied to be a biologist.

When she met Moka, he did not tell her he was a prince, and when she found out she did not want to be a queen so she broke his heart. However after a few months she realised that she would accept the responsibility of queendom so long as she can also persue her passion in biology.
All worked out in the end as she loves to study in the library, and as a member of the government she access to an abundance of statistcal informatrion. The labs help too.

Former King Tama Majestica

The Former King

King Moka’s father

Lady Dahlia Tomoro

The Former Queen

King Moka’s mother

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