Night Night – A video game I’m making!

In 2020, I decided to use my programing skills to create a game in Unity

Since 2020, I’ve been working on a unity project based off a diary of dreams I’ve written in for the past 10 years. My dreams are extremely strange and otherworldly, so I decided to collect a few of the diary entries and use them as levels.

For the sound, it is all currently placeholder music. However I will be working with my brother, Tom Marlow to create the sound for this game. And as a result, have given myself a deadline for the end of August to have this game in a state where it just needs polishing so that he can use it for his university project.

It has taught me a lot. I learnt python as a teenager which is fortunately very similar to C#. I’ve ended up liking C# more than python.

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