Digital Paintings I’ve done relavent to my Inner World
(or what I now know as my ‘paracosm’)

Did I really make an unlinked, secret section of my art portfolio website just for a single reddit post because I’m bored at work?
Yes, yes I did.
Will clicking on the images take you to pages nobody cares about but me containing a more detailed description of the characters?
Also yes.

I don’t particularly have a “parame” as I tend to see the world through the eyes of more of a camera. But I do have mains, and one character that I guess could be “me” as he’s my Mary Sue.
Also, since my paracosm is over 10 years old, many of the characters were created during my edgy teenage phase. So a lot of the names are… something.
Also apparently teenage me had a thing for curly hair.

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(The Prince) Mataeo

This is my main (the closest thing to “parame”). He is also one of my oldest characters still being used, created roughly 11 years ago at around age 12.

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(Young Lady) Angie

Angie is the second of what I call my “Main Trio”, and Mataeo’s love interest. She was created a few years after Mataeo.

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(Young Duke) Xeni – drawn as a young child, but is actually young adult.

Xeni is the last (but certainly not least) of the “Main Trio”.
He is actually the “Para” I’ve drawn the most over the yars as I always found his appearnce to be quite interesting.

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(Young Duke) Nikolai

Nikolai is a fairly new character, I would say he appeared in my paracosm about 2 years ago. He is a very passionate pianist. He has a very long name, and realised that his initials (minus titles and last name) spells out “nightmare” which is funny because he is such a sweetie. But some friends jokingly call him Nightmare.

Stay tuned? Or don’t idk…. I usually draw witches, animate and make 3D models… I just draw these in my free time lol

Characters I might draw at some point:
– Xeni the actual age he is, with his ghost twin sister that only he and Mataeo can see and interact with, Xena. They are stuck together. One with a body, one without. (kind of similar to Beyond two souls)
– Moka and Aria (The King and Queen, Mataeo’s parents)
– Yalba, Telsa and Roku (Xeni’s late father, and twin uncles who he now lives with)
– Archibald (The Duke, Nikolai’s father)
– Wesley (Nikolai’s awful brother)
– Kiki (Angie’s Mother)

Oh yeah,

I did make most of my paracosm on the sims, and I’m still adding to it.
The drawings are a little more accurate to how they look though. Also the sims is a very goofy game.
I loosely put them in order of how main of a character they are.

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