The Pavolo Family

Lady Angie Pavolo

Young Lady

Angie is the second of what I call my “Main Trio”, and Mataeo’s love interest. She was created a few years after Mataeo.

She used to be a wonderful singer, but her vocal chords were burnt by an oppressive government as a punishment for speaking out.
Mattaeo thinks her “new voice” is still amazing, but Angie still refuses to sing in front of anybody and she cries when she sings as her voice cracks.

Angie, like Mataeo and most of the rest of the young main characters, was separated from her mother as a baby and made to live in poverty before finding her mother after Mataeo’s parents reuinted them.

To add insult to injury, Angie’s family are famous opera singers and every generation they are proud to be singers. This makes Angie feel very outcasted. Her mother still loves her, but her grandmother not so much.

Lady Kiki Pavolo

Opera Singer, Lady of the Pavolo family

A beautiful, talented singer who performs in world class operas.
She’s an awful cook though….

Lady Belinda Pavolo


Retired singer, cold as ice

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