Game Development

Latest Work

V O I D (Working Title)

I won’t reveal too much about this one, as I intend on releasing this independantly in the future. But this is a game loop concept I have had in mind for a few year now, and I feel confident enough in my abilities to bring it to life. The largest part of this project is actually the animation, and the game is extremely animation heavy with over 6000 frames of blocking in total. I am taking my time, and blocking is part of animation I am fastest at, given my start in the animation industry being very fast paced.

Some of my goals with the animation on this project are for the cat to have a liquid feel about it, and for the main human character to be very heavy set but not slow.

Older Projects

Night Night – Dream Diary

In 2020, I decided to go all out in Unity and jump right into the deep end by creating unity project based off a diary of dreams I’ve written in for the past 10 years. My dreams are extremely strange and otherworldly, so I decided to collect a few of the diary entries and use them as levels. The game is more of a showcase of weird environments and whacky nonsensical charcters and conversations that loosely tie togetehr, than it is than a game with objectives. The epitome of personal project.

It has taught me a lot. I learnt python as a teenager which is fortunately very similar to C#. I’ve ended up liking C# more than python, and have fallen in love with Object Oriented Programming as a concept.

The Little Witch – Game Experiment

A smaller little test I did with some assets I had on my computer that I never really used, based off the world from an old university project, I decided to start a quick little game about The Little Witch.

The main goal for this test was to see if I could implement adaptive music to animations and events. I do think the concept has potential and may return to it at some point.

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