For my private reel, click here. Contact me for the password.

Reel Info:

  1. My shot was featured on Disney’s Live Action Pinocchio’s teaser trailer June 2022 (Film is set to release September 2022)
  2. My most recent anim, originally a piece from 2020 but I decided to redo it ths month
  3. An 11 second club entry where I came 1st place!
  4. Facial Acting piece from a course I took with Academy @ The Focus/
  5. A shot from my final university project: The Little Witch.
  6. A funny animation I did with a rig I made of myself because I really like the colour orange, so as a result I like autumnal things. The music is the Scarescraper Lobby from Luigi’s Mansion 3. I rendered the turntable starting at the wrong point, soon to be changed!
  7. August 2020 11 second club entry – 3rd place, higest ranking of the 3D animations entered.
  8. My favourite shot from my final project at Leeds Beckett University, The Little Witch.

Here is a collection of animations I have worked on, these are my personal favourites. My showreel contains my favourite snippets, but below are the full clips of the animations that are featured in my showreel (and one or two that are not). Click the gifs to view the videos. It may take a second for the gifs to work properly if you have a slow bandwidth.

11 Second Club June 2021 Submission
The Little Witch (Animated Short)
11 Second Club August 2020
Hands Logo
11 Second Club May 2020
Technicolor’s Academy @ The Focus (April-June 2021) overview
“It’s Spooky Time” – A piece I did for fun because I like October
Fleur the Flower Fairy
BVSG – Stick and Rudder Films animation clips
Bye, deadly frog! A piece I did for personal development that I recently updated in 2022
Tea (Animated Short)
11 Second Club February 2021 short clip
Flipping Cauldron Loop

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