3d Characters

I enjoy creating 3d characters to animate with, here are a few of my personal favourites. Click the links under the images for more info on each character, such as turnarounds, animations, topology and rigging information.

3D Assets

3D Self portrait

The Bookarpillar

Myself and my friends as Animal Crossing witches (Fan Art)

Alaria (rigged 3D Character)

The Master Rig – Sims Style Maya Rig

Lovellybun_art’s Draw This In Your Style Challenge
More Info

Mabel (Final Unversity Project Character Rig)

Space Witch (rigged 3D Character WIP)

Mushin (rigged 3D Character)

Fleur the Angry Flower Fairy (rigged 3D Character)

The Bratz (fan made rigged characters)

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