Traditional Art

For most, myself included, the pencil is usually the first introduction to the art world, and as an artist, it is important to go back to traditional means of creating art. For myself I personally enjoy drawing characters and the like. Much of my digital art was originally drawn in one of my many favourite sketchbooks which I constantly add to.

Here is a video of one of my sketcbooks. Most drawings I do tend to stay in my sketchbooks, unseen by the world. Generally I show off my best works, but I like this sketchbook as a whole entity rather than for each individual drawing.

These are some traditional pieces I created in 2013, for my A-Level art, a slightly negative period in my life and I used my art as a means of expressing that.

TNobody seemed to see the cry for help, looking back it’s very obvious… Perhaps they chose to ignore it.

Where I grew up, there was this shop that sold everything you didn’t think you wanted. And among those many random and wonderful things were 50p sketchbooks of various shapes and sizes. The paper quality was abysmal but I thought I could make something cute of it. So I thought I would dedicate a page to different places I had visited in the world (based off the photographs I took myself). Here are few of my favourite pages.

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